Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Enviromental Commitment

Corporate Social Responsibility continues to play an increasingly important role within the MOMENTUM OIL GROUP as it does globally. In line with our vision to be a leading global integrated oil and gas player, CSR comes as a core value within the entire organization. Our business units are committed towards forging long standing collaborations and CSR partnerships that focus on three primary components to achieve social, environmental and economic wellbeing.

MOMENTUM OIL aspires to forge and maintain promising partnerships with government authorities; businesses; NGOs and communities to amplify our presence within the CSR sphere. This will undoubtedly contribute to achieving our mission and vision: to be regarded as an integrated oil and gas player that is not only highly profitable, but also socially responsible.

In order for us to follow through with a robust and strategic CSR direction, we started working at the roots by redrafting our CSR and sponsorships policies. This has paved the way for us to form our CSR Guiding Principles and activate the Steering Committee. The Guiding Principles enabled us to communicate our organizational approach in terms of CSR and enhance the momentum and progress of our CSR initiatives.

While the MOMENTUM OIL Guiding Principles act as a core operating standard for Corporate Social Responsibility, we anticipated the need to form a board to review the actual implementation of these principles. As a result, we formed the CSR Steering Committee to consult and steer the CSR process within the organization.

The Steering Committee played an integral role in the formation of our various CSR programs. The committee worked to ensure adherence to policies and guidelines in the CSR process, by monitoring its alignment with the MOMENTUM OIL mission, vision and core values. The committee also worked towards supporting initiatives that focus on the key areas to achieve brand equity for MOMENTUM OIL. The committee representatives come from every segment and are senior experienced individuals. They provide very good insights into their segment activities and stakeholders and create an excellent thought leadership platform for all.

MOMENTUM OIL prides itself in providing an inclusive environment with equal growth opportunities for all its employees transcending gender, race, creed or culture.

The company brings to the table people from various backgrounds to cater to a diverse range of clients and serve them in the best possible and ethical way.

MOMENTUM OIL also supports and encourages employee training programs at regular intervals to ensure consistency in performance in the long run.

Our commitment to the environment: Momentum Oil is committed to abide by the highest environmental standards and act in a manner which causes least damage to the environment.

By utilizing our guiding principles, we started to identify partnerships that would have the potential to create sustained, effective CSR initiatives that bring value to our business and to our community.

There are four areas of focus within our CSR:


  • Follow honest, ethical and socially responsible business practices

  • Follow industry norms and best practices in all operations and services


  • Maintain constructive dialogue and on-going engagement with all stakeholders to build rapport and contribute to sustainable development

  • Uphold respect, equality and diversity of all stakeholders by maintaining professional and non-discriminatory relationships


  • Utilise cost-effective methodologies for efficient use of energy and resources

  • Safeguard the environment and support sustainable development by implementing environment friendly initiatives


  • Support the communities we operate in by contributing and investing in initiatives to enhance social, health and economic development programs
  • Establish and maintain partnership with government authorities, businesses, NGOs and communities to promote and strengthen community welfare

  • Share business knowledge and expertise to support educational learning development

  • Aid programme to provide for basic needs including food, clothing and shelter, among others