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Approaches to building assessments: Prior to committing funds to an investment opportunity, we will undertake a disciplined investment process. Our team methodically evaluates each investment opportunity to ensure it meets our investment criteria. Our first step is to assess client’s caliber, review the business plan and historical and projected financial information. Next, we discuss the opportunity with client and propose a capital solution. To ensure a meeting of the minds occurs, we issue a one-page proposal with our key terms. If a mutual agreement exists, we conduct an on-site meeting and work through due diligence procedures. We formalize our key terms into a definitive Letter of Intent and if acceptable, proceed through a closing.


Uniquely Focused on Our Clients: Consulting engagements are prefaced by a thorough discussion with the client, at no cost, to understand requirements, expectations and the desired deliverable. We restate our understanding of the same to the client in a written proposal that includes a statement of work, list of deliverable, a timeline and costs.

Finalize an Understanding of the Client’s Needs: Frequently, additional preliminary investigation and analysis will be required to assess the client’s stated needs and possibly refine them to articulate a clear mandate for the assignment that is actually required.

Proceed with Clear Checkpoints: We only proceed when there is agreement on the structure and governance of an assignment including the nature and frequency of both formal and informal reporting. This ensures full transparency.

Maintain On-going “Partnership”: Once a partnership is established, we focus on cultivating a strong relationship throughout the partnership. We assist with establishing a governance structure and identifying lines of communication. We ensure that operational and financial goals are met. We then work together to achieve shared success.